Proficiency in Arabic Language Program

About the Program:

Proficiency program is a special program for teaching Arabic to non-native speakers of all ages, it contains 12 levels, 60 hours in each level.

We guarantee you amazing results 100% God willing.


It aims to:

  1. Achieve harmony between the student and Arabic environment by living among native speakers to make a remarkable change in his language.
  2. To move the student from one level to another, by progressing him according to his abilities. 
  3. The student will learn many aspects of Arabic Islamic Culture.

Strategy and Tactics:

  • to achieve the special linguistic and cultural goals the Faculty conducts a linguistic study on applicants.
  • An Accurate Assessment Exam:
  1. A Test to measure the student’s Writing, Reading and Listening skills.
  2. An oral interview to measure the student’s language competencyand the class size is between 4 and 6 students either in the Virtual class-room or the traditional one.

Educational and Cultural Programs:

A student can choose to study either on the week-days or weekend.

The program focuses on improving the four language skills: writing, reading, listening and speaking by the best books and a lot of exercises to meet the student’s linguistic needs.

Program Fees (books are included):

Weekly Hours


Fees ( can be paid   monthly)

4 hours in 2 days

15 weeks

350 Euro(6 euro per hour)

6 hours in 3 days

10 weeks

300 Euro(5 euro per hour)


Admission Method:

Filling out an application form and send it to our email: